Tuesday, May 24, 2011

through rose-colored glasses?

It was in Venice that I received my first rose one this trip. It was the fifth man that was trying to get my cousin Adam to buy a red rose for me. After calling him a bad husband, he handed me a rose. I thanked the man and was surprised when, as Adam was explaining that being married to me would be illegal, the man gave me another rose! You may ask why I took the roses..but then here is my question to you: What would you do if a beautiful red rose gets handed to you? Yeah, I thought so. Anyways, so as I was awkwardly holding my prized possessions, the man turned to Adam and asked for 5 euros. I started laughing (probably more out of unease than anything else). Adam was adamant (haha) about not paying the man, which was fine by me. I told him he could have the roses back, because we really didn't want to buy any, but he won't take them back! So I just said ok, I would buy one. He took the other one back, I handed him some coins, and we were on our way.
(There is a sequel to this story, but you'll have to ask me in person. It's getting late and I want to put some pics up and not bore you with my rose stories. In short though, there are two fresh roses in our room tonight...and yes, same man.)
One of my favorite times here in Venice was when we took the water bus all around the main island.
The sun was setting and the setting was beautiful!!

Another one of my favorite things in Venice!! (the gelatto, that is :)

Some other pics of beautiful Venezia!

Ciao for now!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And I want to hear the full story about the roses!! Facebook me or something! :-)