Thursday, May 26, 2011

Even though we only left Venice yesterday, it already feels like a long time ago. We hopped on a train in the morning and went to Verona. We spent a couple hours there, walking the streets and looking at an old castle.

Then we took another train to Florence. This was our first high-speed train, and I really enjoyed it! it reminded me of flying in an airplane (the way it was set up in the train) but with the difference being that one could look out the window and see beautiful Tuscany pass us by. At times, though, we couldn't see anything but darkness, due to the train passing through long tunnels. I didn't mind, and simply used the time to get in a couple short naps. After what felt like a long day of travels, we finally arrived in Florence!

After settling in at our hostel, we crossed a bridge on the hunt for a restaurant and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset!

I was extremely excited when we found a spot right under a fan in a little restaurant. Best pasta I have ever had!! Yum!

On our way back, we crossed a different bridge, which had little shops and houses ON the bridge. A guitarist was sitting at the side of the walking bridge, wooing the passersby into a sweet romance with the city.

As I saw this car, I had one thought: Dustin.
(Cousin, make sure you check out the license plate..I think you own this)

We're heading off for supper shortly - more pasta!! Thanks for being a part of our journey! Love hearing from you, so leave a comment! :)

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  1. everything looks so amazing! thanks for the continued posts! loving it!